Friday, May 16, 2008



The race to the heavens took a new meaning as of 12 of may.

Burj Dubai has reached a milestone. It is now the tallest building in the world, even though it is still under construction , at 636m in height and over 160 floors completed.

On april 07 2008 Burj Dubai surpassed the KVLY_TV (629m) mast to become the tallest man made structure on earth.

On july 21 2007 it surpassed the Taipei 101 (509.2m)

Estimated to be completed in 2009, standing at 818m(tip of spire), will hold the record for a short while, when yet another monster project which is being planed to put another structure at 1600m (1 mile) high will take off.

Called the Mile-High Tower for obvious reasons, will be built in Jeddah Saudi Arabia at the cost of 11 billion US dollars.

Don’t worry guys, over twin tower although at only 452m, is still the tallest twin tower anyway in the world.

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