Monday, May 12, 2008


Few weeks ago I remember reading about our electrical transmission towers

In sabah being dismantled by scrape metal robbers, and sold to make a

Huge profit due the soaring metal prices.

Some of my close friends are also giving up their 8 to 5 office jobs and

Turning to a more profitable business …….yes the money making world



karang guni man can make up to a $1,000 a day….believe it or not!!!

The only investment you need is one old pickup truck and one bangla worker, and you are ready for business.

DAVID TANG never realised he could have it so good after he retired from his job as a house painter at the end of last year.

"People think it’s dirty work but as long as I have a pair of hands and it’s meaningful. why not?" said Tang. who says he is in his 50s. On a good day, he can make $1,000.

"I’ll keep doing this because even if the economy does badly, people will always generate waste which can he recycled," said Tang, laughing.

To add more sugar to this story would you believe that the US government has also

Jumped into this bandwagon……they are selling of retired military aircraft as

SCAP METAL …..AND MAKING MILLIONS OF $$$s in the process.

THE Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson in the US state of Arizona was the focus of buyers looking for scrap metal. Nearly half of the roughly 4,200 retired military aircraft stored there were auctioned off last week and the US Defence Department aimed to net up to US$10 million ($13.6m)for the government because of soaring metal prices.

MrTom Burton, president of Government Liquidation, a subsidiary of Liquidity Services Inc which is conducting the sale, told Reuters: 'The market is so robust right now for all scrap metal.

So guys if you are fed up with your bosses…’s an opening for you….cheers…….

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