Monday, May 12, 2008

Thousands killed in Myanmar cyclone


Myanmar’s military regime is really worse then the devil himself.

With the country devastated by cyclone nargis, they still went out

To spend their limited resources on a national referendum???/.

And to top that, the unspeakable pea brain heads of these bamboo

Generals in Myanmar redistributed the international aid that’s pouring

Into their country by plastering the names of top generals on boxes in

What appears to be an attempt to turn the relief effort of the international

Committee into a propaganda exercise. …

The state run television continuously ran images of top generals, handing

Out boxes of aid to survivors. The name of Lt General Myint Swe, a rising

Star in the bamboo curtain government hierarchy, in bold letters that

Overshadowed a smaller label reading “AID FROM THE KINGDOM OF


There were also a lot of unconfirmed reports of the relief aid being diverted

To the army, and not reaching the intended victims.

According to UN relief agency , at least a million survivors have yet to

Receive aid.

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