Saturday, July 12, 2008


In politics you have no permanent allies or permanent enemies, so said a famous politician once.

A friend today can be you worst enemy tomorrow. That’s how dirty politics is. If you are prepared to dirty you hands in politics, then be prepared to go all the way. Yes my dear readers , that’s the dirty world of politics and non can be worse then politics in our bolehland.

In our bolehland if you are with the ruling party then you have at your disposal, the Police. The AG, the ACA, and the judiciary to help you out. And lately even the army which so far been neutral, is slowly creeping into the mainstream politics.

Yes they can shout and scream that the are independent, and will investigate without fear and favor. But how many of us will believe them?. Yes they can say I am talking rubbish, where is you proof? Ofcourse I cannot proof anything. Even though I cannot proof all these allegation does not mean it not there. I cannot show you the wind or the air we breath , but that does not mean its not there. Talk to 90% of the people in bolehland, I bet you all of them will tell you the same thing.

So badawi said he is staying on till 2010, to rectify all these perception. That’s his excuse, to clean up the house. What he could not do since 2004 to 2008, he wants to achieve in 2 years. I find it hard to believe him, and I am sure you will agree with me.

He is just there to manipulate his retirement that’s all, I doubt he is ever going to change anything. By fixing his date to leave he has pulled the rug under najibs feet, so he has handcuffed najib and gang for the next 2 years, a very clever move I would say.

Now coming to the loose cannon a one MR EZAM. The man with 6 boxes of dirt that was suppose to bring down UMNO once and for all. Where are these 6 boxes of dirt. The last I heard its some where in the UK for safe keeping or has it been sold to umno for $$$? Only GOD knows. In the star paper today he his said to challenge his one time mentor anwar to a debate. And he asking for respect and that PKR youth have no grounds to criticise him. The last I heard, is that respect is accorded and not meant to be asked. In other words its given not taken. I really cannot understand this guy, Is he a turncoat or a Trojan? The way he is play acting it looks to me he is more of turncoat. Rumors are strongly pointing at him for the latest soto mee scandal against his former mentor. Weather its true or not is not the issue here. I wonder how a man can change so much. During the 1st soto mee case he was the most harden support of anwar, saying that it’s a frame up. Now he believes anwar is a soto meeit, and that saiful is telling the truth.

Remember what I said in the beginning , in politics you have no permanent allies or permanent enemies. It all depends on which way the wind blows. Who is the chameleon here? Unfortunately for ezam, badawi has set the time table for handing over power. 2 years is along time. Anything can happen. If anwar manages to swing the bn mp’s his way and take over the government before that two years are up, I wonder what this ezam chameleon will do?. Will he bring out a different crate of boxes of dirt on PKR?.

And I wonder in the first place why our mainstream papers give this guy so much air time? Why has not other more high ranking umno stalwarts said anything, everybody keeping mum over all these current issues? I cannot understand this. Why is ezam making the most noise? He may be the scapegoat! I believe strongly this is the case.

Turncoats are never trusted in any situation, and in bolehland politics his situation is even worse.

So when the time comes, our friend ezam will be the fallguy for umno. Just wait and see, this the scenario is being played and he does not know it yet. But he’s being soto meed in broad daylight and he’s none the wiser for it. Umno is playing him like a fiddle and he still thinks by making all the noise will put him in a high pedestal, but like all turncoats he is unaware that his been screwed….and I say he deserves it….cheers

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