Sunday, July 6, 2008



FATE (recycled from an april08 posting)

ONE day a servant came running into the court of king Solomon.

please your highness I beg you, let me borrow your fastest horse. I need to be in a city ten miles from here before night fall, he begged of the wise king.

Puzzled, at such a request from his servant,

Why? asked the king.

because, I just met DEATH in the garden, said the trembling servant. I know I'm to be taken and I don't want to be around here when DEATH comes to claim me.

the wise king feeling sorry for the servant, said take my fastest magical horse with hoofs of wings.

grateful, the servant bowed and left in haste.

then later in the evening, while king Solomon was walking in the garden, he saw DEATH sitting by the pond with a very worried look on his face.

being a fair King , he asked DEATH, what's wrong?, why the worry in your face?

to this DEATH said:

I'm supposed to claim the life of your servant tonight.

but i'm supposed to claim his life in a city ten miles of here!

Unless he has a horse with wings, I don't see how this can happen.

I'm a strong believer of fate.

Everything we do, or don't do, i strongly feel is fated.

Will anwar be the next PM

Will najib be the PM

Will badawi remain to continue

whatever is written in the book of fate will just go on, amidst all that’s happening around us. I doubt a mortal can do anything to change even a dot that’s already written in the books. So my friends don’t be stress out , everyday that’s born has its article already written out. All that it needs is for it to continue on its own stage , playing out lifes drama as it should. We are just mere props or additional actors required by the play to continue on it journey as it plays out its part. Most important is live out you life to the fullest possible and as an unknown author puts it:

“do whatever good possible for a fellow human being now, as you will not pass this way again”……leave you with that though for now….cheers

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