Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am old fan of Johnny Cash. I wander how many of my readers know this singer.

And what has our Malaysian police and sodomy and the boy named Sue got to do with anything.

First let me say “The Boy Named SUE” is one of my favorite song sang by Johnny Cash.

What has sodomy got to with this song?. Well nothing really, but let me tell you the story about this song anyway.

But before I go into the story of the song, let me define, what I am getting at. With the new twist of the sodomy case due to the leaked medical report, I was wondering how the clowns at home ministry and PDRM were going to twist this change of events. They were literally caught with their pants down and not only that, there is some hard evidence of some hanky panky, thanks to RPK revelations. So how are the clowns going to spin these story.

I was cracking my head and thinking really hard on how I, (if I am in their shoes) would spin this turn of events to my favor and come out with my flags flying high! Then this particular song hit my brains.

Ok if it was me in this shit hole, this is what I would do to spin the story. Ok readers if you are still reading and not bored yet, thanks, please continue to read. Let me explain the song first and then I will use that concept to spin this sodomy case to my advantage.

This song tells a story of a young boy growing up without a father. When he was born, his father left the family, but before he left he named the new born boy “SUE”. Yes can you imagine a boy with a girls name.

The boy grew up, but growing up was not easy. Because where ever he went, everybody made fun of him, because of his girl’s name. And everyday the boy will get into a fight. Who ever disturbs him will get a fist to his face. Yes he grew up fighting in the streets and in the bars.

And while he grew into a man, he made a promise to himself. He promised himself that one day he his going to hunt his father down and shot him through his head for giving him that name.

So he went hunting for his father with a worn out picture of his dad that he took from his mum. Sure enough in a bar in a far out town he saw the dirty old man who he recognized as his father from the worn out picture that he carried with him.

He approached this father and shouted out to him. “how do you do” my name is sue!

I am going to kill you.

The old man turned around and knew that it was his son and he said:

Son I know you are angry and want to kill me, but before you do , let me tell you why I named you “SUE”.

He said son, I knew I will not be there to support you and help you when you grow up. I gave you that name, so that you will grow up strong, because I knew with that name you will have to fight to live and be strong or be a sissy and weak and die! Look at you now. It is because of that name , you became strong, it made you into a man.

So what can the son do! So in a classic ending , he called him a pa and he called him a son and they hugged and kissed and become father and son.

That is the story of this song.

Now how is this going to help me to spin the sodomy case. Using the same concept this is how I will go about it. (I hope the botak from johor and the PDRM are also reading this, as it can give them some ideas.)

I will call a press conference and tell the press the following:

We the police, knew from the very beginning anwar was innocent. Because we already had the doctors report . We immediately knew that this was a political frame up.

So we formed a special squad to investigated this matter to catch all those involved in this frame up. Since this involves some very big fish, we had to be very careful so that we can investigate and dig deep into this political conspiracy.

So in order to throw the culprits of the track, we used anwar as a scapegoat as a cover to investigate this case. We maintained that we were investigating anwar for sodomy, but in fact what we were actually doing was to closely investigate the conspiracy.

We are speaking the truth. To prove our point, did you not see, until today we have not charged anwar with anything? We have not given him the police report because, the report is about something else and we cannot make it public, due the very reason we are investigating big fish. It it taking time, due to the nature of people involved. That’s is the reason it is taking us this long.

But unfortunately some idiot went and leaked the medical report, and our case is wide open and the public thinks we are damaged goods. All our hard work to nail the culprits has gone down the drain. So how can we catch the conspirators now?. So thanks to RPK we have nothing now and nobody will ever know who was involved. So we hope in future , the public will trust us to do our JOB and not to interfere with our on going investigation. Thank you.

How about this spin guys? Will you buy it?. I will. Sleep on it, and you can use this method to almost spin anything in you life, and come out tops.. good luck…cheers.


-naga- said...

Hmm that will be a bit hard.. coz the only "big fish" they can hope to nail is najib or badawi.. which everyone knows the police dont have balls to do such a thing.

They will probably come up with saying that no such doctor exists (helped by the fact that the doctor went into hiding) and instead they will try ti pin it on RPK for spreading false allegations.

Just my 2 cents.

Paul Naidu said...

hi naga:
tks for the comment. yes i agree the big fish will not be caught as the police in malaysia have no balls.what our country needs is an a small group of honest people with strong cables to expose all the wrong doings...cheers