Saturday, July 5, 2008


Little known to us in boleh land, with all the drama that unfolded this week, a hostage rescue was underway in Colombia.

The Americans gave it 50% chance of success . But in the end the Colombian intelligence forces, completed their mission with 100% success and not only that, they did it without a single bullet being fired.

A total of 15 people held hostage for almost six years by the FARC ( a revolutionary army fighting a war with the government), were rescued in this bold operations. One of the hostage , ms Betancourt (46), was seized while on a campaign trail for the presidency of Colombia. She has been held for almost 6 years.

My hats off to these daring Colombian intelligence officers. The operation looks simple enough. What they did took everyone by surprise. They simply dressed up in the FARC uniforms. Then flew in with two disguised helicopters with FARC marking and landed in the hostage camps. The leader of the operations then went in to meet the commander of the hostage camp and told him that the supreme commander of FARC wanted to meet him, and also to transport all the hostages to a safer location on the orders of the supreme leader.

That stupid commander fell for it and ordered all the hostages to be loaded up into the two helicopters. He and his second in command also boarded the helicopter and took off to meet their supreme leader.

Somewhere in mid air the two rebels were casually handcuffed and blindfolded and the helicopter flew to nearest government army base.

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said: "It was an intelligence operation comparable with the greatest epics of human history, but without a drop of blood being spilled, without one weapon being fired."

At a Bogota ceremony with military commanders, the freed hostages one by one identified themselves by name and rank, and thanked their rescuers. Some had been held for a dozen years.

Extract from the Australian.

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