Saturday, July 26, 2008


And guess who is the ultimate scapegoat? Yes they are blaming this on Malaysia. Why? Read on my friend…..cheers

Qantas passengers flying to Melbourne from London, had a terrifying ordeal, while flying over the South China Sea.

While in mid air a 3 meter hole rupture in the belly of their Boeing 747, sent the plane on a nose dive 6,000 meters, before the pilot managed to stabilise the plane.

Passenger Steve Winchester said he thought he was going to die.

"Everyone was just thinking to themselves 'oh I think this is it'," he told reporters. "I heard someone scream. People were just looking at each other in sheer terror."

Winchester said the fuselage breach caused a hole to open up in the cabin floor and sent debris flying through the plane's interior.

"It was everywhere, it was just like it was snowing in the cabin," he said.

Melbourne man David Saunders said he hugged his girlfriend and put his passport in his pocket so his body could be more easily identified as the plane dived towards the sea.

"I heard an enormous explosion, things went quiet, the cabin instantly lost pressure and the plane just started to dive. I thought we were going down into the sea," he said.

The plane managed to make an emergency landing in manila.

Malaysia takes the rep!

Meanwhile, investigators in Manila, including four officers from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, were poring over the stricken aircraft to try to find the cause of the problem.

Sydney's Daily Telegraph reported that engineers discovered a large amount of corrosion in the jumbo during a major refurbishment earlier this year.

A senior Qantas pilot told the Telegraph that Friday's drama may be related to the airline's decision to outsource aircraft maintenance to Malaysia.

"This could well be the direct result of Qantas having stand-in engineers, or from outsourcing maintenance to Malaysia," the unnamed pilot told the newspaper.

"It has been talked about a lot here and we have been told to be extra vigilant when you walk around the aircraft.

"With Qantas outsourcing maintenance to Malaysia, (it) is certainly worrying a lot of us pilots.”

Report from CNA

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