Sunday, July 13, 2008


A midst high tension in parliament tomorrow and the security measures taken by our man in arms, indicates something is in the wind.

With the call for vote of no confidence and the persistent rumor of a rakyat rally in the thousands have spooked a lot of people.

To add icing to the cake anwar has a date with police, in the KL headquarters tomorrow 14 july. Initially this so called police interview was suppose to be held yesterday, but after behind the scene negotiation it was postpone to tomorrow. This in it’s self shows the marked difference of the police attitude in 1998 and now. Why so?. Yes my friends they are threading on eggshells, and they have move very very cautiously .

If remember how in 1998 the police bust into his home and dragged out like a terrorist?

This time around circumstances are different, they may be arresting the future PM of Malaysia, the leader of the opposition, the most popular Politian in recent times.

Anwar is worried that after tomorrows interview he will arrested. I can bet you that will never happen. Why? You may ask. Proof ! proof ! is whats lacking. Yes they have taken statements from 20 odd people and all is circumstantial. Yes it boils down to saiful’s word against anwar’s. so who do you believe?. If it ever goes to court it will be thrown out due to weak evidence.

And I strongly doubt the AG is willing to risk his neck again, just like the previous kangaroo court. And also the AG will have to talk to badawi regarding to proceed or not. And I can bet you badawi will definitely scarp the idea. Why? For the simple reason of ratings and public perception.

I would say at least 75% of the general public perception is this latest allegation is a ploy by umno. Even if it is not true, but the public opinion once conformed will be very difficult to erase. And if you ask anyone 2 out 3 people will tell you that these latest episode has in effect elevated anwar to a even higher pedestal, through sympathy.

So all in all I can safely put a wager that the case is a dead end, and the books will closed and as much as badawi wants to move on, so will najib and gang will try to out maneuver both badawi and anwar.

What will the next round bring into the political court …your guess is as good as mine..cheers

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