Friday, July 4, 2008


Last 3 days I been very busy with personal work, thus had not much time to put my thoughts down. But I did managed to read the roller coaster events that’s making waves in our boleh land.

Are we being sodomized in broad daylight? Are we being screwed and not knowing it? With all this mud slinging can we get a clear picture whats actually happening?.

Is badawi having the last laugh?. Looks like for the time being he has managed to keep his name out of everything… the mr clean. Fight is between the two who wants to be the future PM of boleh land.

Can you see how all this new information/misinformation has managed to turn our view away from badawi. He must be wallowing in his new found freedom and calls for him to step down. The umno grass roots have been successfully brained washed. Najib is tainted.

Anwar is tainted. So who wins? Answer that yourself.

No man dead or a life will make a sd alleging the top brass of involvement in murder, unless he has some evidence. Even then he must be the bravest soul in bolehland to do so.

See what happened, one short trip to the police station and a new sd was out. And the only explanation, I was under duress. I don’t blame this guy. Nobody has balls made of steel.

But do you see the pattern here. I can see it very clearly. The police, AG, Courts are under duress. They are also working folks like you and me. Tow the line or get kicked.

I cannot understand this logic. Why is a sodomy case more important then a murder case?. You mean to say if I screw some ones backside, and murder that person, I get locked up for sodomy and the murder case thrown out? I just don’t understand, a human life caries no weight at all in our boleh land.

Anyway badawi is having a time of his life!... I won’t be surprised , if in the next few days , he would announce that he has asked the DPM,AG and the IGP to take a leave of absence, until all this sorted out. If he did that can you imagine his ratings?. It will shoot through the roof! who is having the last laugh…..enjoy the show while it last..cheers.

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