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I cut and paste some of the comments by our neighbours on the current political scene in Malaysia….cheers..

so you all who complain, complain so much for our PAP that no good this no good, you see how other country is. Got so many problem and makan money also kill people also. Got oil so what also cannot help the people.
I feel so lucky to be here as Singapore last time also is in Malaysia and i fell also so lucky that PM Lee that time break with Malaysia if not now we also in trouble as we are also in Malaysia. So please do not complain but be lucky that our beloved Singapore is so peaceful and rich and can enjoy so many thing.

Aiyah, sue the PI if you think that you are being slander. Be brave enough to sue him in court; don't say that the police will look into it. Are you hoping that the police will help you out again?

Bill Clinton said the same thing,"I never had sex with that woman." Clinton was caught lying. Najib will be caught lying very soon. Just wait. The truth will be shouted at the rooftop so everyone can hear.

Look like our friend, Abdullah, is fast learning some of the dirty tricks of survivor from his former mentor, Mahathir. Anwar's dream of becoming the PM of Malaysia is fast dissipating into thin air.

AAB is quietly enjoying the show. He may notwant Najib to take over from him so soon. Now Najib is kept busy by Anwar's counter offensive. Unfortunately, Najib is not the Home Minister and AAB is not about to get Hamid to arrest Anwar. Who knows; maybe AAB does not want anyone from UMNO to take over the next PMship.

Hallmarks of UMNO history:-

Chapter 1
Tungku screws Mahathir. Mahathir screws the sultans. Mahathir screws the Chinese and the Indians. Musa Hitam screws Mahathir. Mahathir screws Tengku Razaleigh.

Chapter 2
George Soros screws Mahathir. Mahathir screws Anwar Ibrahim. Al Gore screws Mahathir. Mahathir screws the IMF and World Bank.

Chapter 3
Mahathir reluctantly vacates hot seat shedding bucketful of crocodile tears. Mahathir handover the UMNO whip to Badawi. Badawi screws Mahathir. Mahathir takes pot shots at Badawi. Badawi ignores Mahathir. Anwar resurfaces and screws UMNO, PM and Mahathir.

Chapter 4
Mongolians screws Najib and gang. Judiciary screws Mahathir. Samy Vellu screws Mahathir. UMNO screws each other. Najib screws Anwar. Anwar screws Najib.

Chapter 5
New screwing script under development. Check back for new revelations.

Concluding Chapter
Wonder what will become of the Malaysian society ? A society that screws one another for one upmanship ?

Everyone screwing each other. No wonder the story about this young guy being screwed too.

Time to stop screwing and be serious,back to work.

For once, they don't have to look for 'bogeys' from the little red dot. What a relief.

Wahlau eh! Today make SD and tomorrow retract it under another SD! Make SD under duress, under duress after the first SD was made or before the 1st SD was made ?? It looks like the truth can be called 'white' today and tomorrow it can be called "black" just like exposing a negative a UV light under 'duress'. This 'wayang' may soon get out of hand and hopefully it does not spillover and drag in the bystanders and turn bloody ugly into civil riot. There is this Malay Proverb which says when elephants fight at the end of the day it is the mousedeer that dies in the middle i.e the man on the street. If this public 'slugging' really gets out of hand, like it or not there will be some implication to the little red dot when a curfew is enforced in M'sia. For thing for sure the food prices of any imports from M'sia is bound to shot up under such circumtance...

At the end of the day, whoever is more influential/powerful at the moment, wins.

I bet Najib wins

P Balasubramanian makes a statutory declaration one day and another the next day reversing what he had said earlier and goes public to say he made the first under duress. The Malaysian authorities, in order to gain credibility, should ask him to explain so that the truth will be forced out. Did he make the first under duress or did he made the second under duress. The public is entitled to know the truth. As for DPM Najib, he lost credibility when he denied meeting the chap who reported he was sodomized and later admitted he did.

This Saiful is supposedly a uni-dropout. Yet he could get screw on the **** by Anwar. Then he went to complain to Najid, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia who at first said he did'nt knew this guy, but admitted that he spoke to him a few days before he made the police report. There were a few photos of him with high-ranking UMNO politicans. Imagine a dropout having photos taken with UMNO big-shots. Maybe he felt that he could a few bucks from Najid, knowing that Najid and Anwar were trying to kill each other. This is a good script for the Hong Kong's TVB dramas.

Rumors, hearsay and fabrications rampant, what goes wrong with Msia these days. Msians can't seem to tell who has the truth and the police as well as the judicial system do not seem to help either, in fact they actually make things more confused. That is the symptom of a system not functioning well and showing little credibility. Look like no system, even with checks, is infallible and strong enough to withstand powerful corrupted groups or individuals.

'Pusin Balek' (twist & turn) should be the correct word.

They are all behaving like kids. How to govern the country when they are out to get at each other.

From beginning, when Dr. M started to condemn his chosen one, already set bad examples. I am sure Dr. M will be laughing behind the scene. Own party cannot get along, what a ****!!!!!!

Now, they dragged Anwar along with them to make it look more interesting.

How can 'suka suka' (as he wish) changed his statutory declaration. Erode the system.

You mean to said that the law is make by them and to change by them as and when they desires.

Najib, if this is your opposition, I am sure you waste not time to pursue the case and go right bottom.

Why are you denying? There is no smoke without fire.

Where is your credibility? Time for you to face FACT and step down. Think he got Money and Power , everything 'Boleh' (can)

this just shows how cunning this man can be and he is gonna be the PM of Malaysia. An accused mastermind and a serial liar. God have mercy on Malaysia....

I think better keep Abdullah longer. At least he doesn't have a wicked heart.

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