Friday, July 18, 2008


Asked if it was not suspicious that Mohd Saiful had gone to complain to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak before lodging a police report, Syed Hamid said in Malaysia, "a minister's house is open to the public"……dato I have a pain in an unspeakable hole, any chance I can meet you , do discuss possible follow up action?

On the roadblocks, Syed Hamid claimed he had no knowledge of it and that he himself had been caught in the traffic jams….. howcome dato? The last I heard you are still the home minister. If you had no knowledge, who the **** is running you ministry?. If the head is not knowing what the hand is doing, then what are we paying you for?...buta gaji?

He said he was not personally informed by police of the operation to arrest Anwar, adding that the public should understand that it was a police operation.

"The police do not have to consult or seek permission on what needs to be done as they are empowered by law. I expect them to act within the law."……yes yes and I am a monkeys uncle!.. A 10 year old could have done better to answer this question. And can you imagine, they hang petty thieves and appoint numbskulls to public office!

Stay tuned, more great words from our esteemed home minister to come…..cheers

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