Friday, July 18, 2008


KUALA LUMPUR - A LAWYER says Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has provided an alibi to the police to prove he did not sodomise a male aide.

Counsel Sivarasa Rasiah also says Anwar will not give a DNA sample for fear it could be manipulated to frame him.

Police arrested Mr Anwar on Wednesday and interrogated him for many hours about the sodomy allegations made by a young male aide. He was released Thursday on bail, but remains a suspect in the case.

Mr Sivarasa told a Friday news conference that Mr Anwar gave the police 'full details' of his alibi, but that he drew the line at giving a DNA swab.

Mr Sivarasa says DNA evidence was fabricated against Mr Anwar when he was accused of sodomy 10 years ago, and he does not trust the police not to do it again. -- AP


In 1998-1999 trials, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim experienced the phenomenon of fabrication of DNA evidence. We had SAC Rodwan illegally removing DNA samples from forensic custody. In cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses it was exposed that DNA taken from blood samples was planted on the infamous mattress. When confronted with this fact the prosecution amended its charge and persuaded the judge, Augustine Paul, to expunge the entire DNA evidence from the record, preventing Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers from responding.

The persons who were implicated in the fabrication of evidence during Dato Seri Anwar’s 1998-1999 trials, namely Gani Patail, Musa Hassan, and Rodwan are the same players who are involved in the current case. Today they are in much more powerful positions within the law enforcement apparatus.

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has even more reason to believe of the probability that DNA evidence will be fabricated once again. This is reasonable because the complainant remains in police custody since 28 June 2008 and the police are also in possession of Anwar Ibrahim’s DNA from the earlier case.

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