Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ok this was what I was able to pickup on this case:

1) the police having been battered left and right about the way the handle the arrest on anwar, now wants to release the cctv footage of the treatment of anwar during the detention. What’s the intention in doing this?. Well for one, they may have an edit version showing how anwar was offered tea and cookies and treated with much respect during the investigation. But these clowns fail to get the message do they. We are not interested in that. We want to know why 20 police officers in ski mask fully armed to the teeth was needed to arrest a 60 year old man. Simple as that. Why?

2) then yesterday the botak from Johor had 96 foreign diplomats rushed to a Home Ministry briefing on a two-hour notice?. Even in a nuclear crisis, I doubt you can get such a number to attend. But for sodomy case?, my my what is our country coming too? Can you imagine, all this vvip from so many important countries gathered to listen to a case of somebody screwing somebody’s backside!!!!!. I fell of my chair laughing at this incident. Even the UN could not have done better. My friends we have 192 UN member states upto now. That means almost ½ the world members were briefed on a backside screwing case!! The UN was sodomised if you asked me. Anyway that’s Malaysia for you, where so many other more important and relevant issues could have been solved, but our government wishes to wash they dirty laundry instead. We will be the laughing stock of the world. We might as well change the name of our country to “BACKSIDE”!

3) most interesting of course was the revelation by RPK in his Malaysia today site, of the video recording of the friend of the sodomite. RPK works in a mysterious way. My only worry is this brave whistle blower will not Houdini himself like our PI friend. It takes guts of iron balls to do this. Anyway I managed to read the comments column and found this interesting facts which got me thinking. I will share with the following interesting comments.

a) it was reported that saiful and his video friend went to c4’s house on the 24 of june.

b) Then on the 28 june saiful reports to police that he was sodomised by anwar on the 26 june. Interesting isn’t it. Meeting c4 on 24june and sodomised on 26june, why days two later? And the police report also two days later. It makes me think how stupid these guys must be to want to frame somebody like this. It takes brains to plan a perfect murder , and not many can get away with it. With the idiots we have in umno, police and other government agency, I am not surprised at this revelation.

c) The next revelation maybe a fact or a rumor as I cannot confirm it but I will put it down anyway. It is alleged that saiful is close to his “emak angkat” and her name was given as Mumtaz. And guess what, this Mumtaz is alleged to be a personal assistant to rosmah. How about that. It’s a rumor so use it with a pinch of salt.

d) Next, this is even more interesting rumor! Apparently a mole in Bukit Aman (a police officer or some else), informed anwar on 21june that police are working on a sodomy case involving him. Now if this is rumor is to believed, I would say why would anwar want to screw saiful’s backside on the 26june?. So the conspiracy theory is indeed breaking new grounds, if all this can be proved, or if some hard evidence can be found. So lets wait and see what else will break out in the next couple of days…..stay tuned for update 9…..cheers

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