Monday, July 7, 2008


A short story (recycled from a earlier post)

THERE was once a very clever smuggler.He comes to the border checkpoint with

a donkey carrying straw.

The border police are aware that this man is a smuggler. so they take apart the straw

looking for the illegal valuables . but alas! they found noting.

We are sure you are smuggling something, said the border police as the man crossed the border.

the next day the same thing happened, but this time the border official went high tech.

they brought in a x-ray machine, thinking that they will find something inside the donkey.

but to their dismay , found noting again.

now each day for the next 12 years the man came to the border with the donkey, and the

officials searched and searched the straw bundles and the donkey but never found anything.

many years later, the retired old border official , met the same smuggler in a coffee shop.

said the official , i beg you please, tell me what were you smuggling?.

the smuggler just smiled and said "DONKEYS".... I WAS SMUGGLING DONKEYS YOU IDIOTS!

the irony of it all.... the obvious is not so obvious.....common sense is not that common.

This story reminds me of how some elements in our bolehland actually do their job. I will not name these elements , lest I be seditious. I will leave that to your imagination.

Imagine, the whole country is looking for the PI and his family? Now even the Interpol has been activated. Is the intelligence community in our country so lacking that the don’t know their left hand from right hand. I just cannot understand which idiot is running that organization. In the eyes of the world, we must look like real morons.

Let me relate a true incident without naming names and places about how effective intelligence gathering works in a neighbours country.

A close friend of mind works in some sensitive project for the particular government, related to defense systems. Mind you he is not even in the military, just an engineer, contracted to work on some infra structure . then one fine day he decides to take a holiday after the completion of the project. Since he did not want to go far, he just flew to a neighbouring country for a short holiday. He has many friends in the country he was visiting. And of his friend he visited was an army officer, whom he had seen for ages. They had a good time , catching up with the old times and talking about family and friends.

Finally when the holiday was up, he flew back to his country, and can you imagine his surprise when two military intelligent officers were waiting for him, at the immigration clearance. They produced their warrants and my friend was escorted away to an unknown location and interrogated for 12 hours on his purpose of visit to the foreign land.

To his shock , they had every detail of his visit, photographs, time, places and what have you. They were particularly interested in his meeting with his army buddy. Well to cut the story short , I guess you know what they we barking at. I brought out this incident to show how intelligence gathering works. And how efficient some people are, which is very lacking in our boleh land. Imagine losing a high profile PI just like that, they were caught with their pants down.

Take my hats off to the PI though,……he really went PRIVATE!

Anyway if you wandering what happened to my friend after that, well noting really. He was allowed to go home, but guess what, he never got another government contract again….cheers

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