Monday, July 14, 2008


A Singapore paper had this article today.

Drawers were pulled out of cupboards and strewn about the room. Documents were thrown all over the floor. Even the childrens room was not spared.

Someone was obviously looking for something of importance at the home of Malaysian private investigator mr balasubramaniam the man behind the famous SD against najib.

The intruders left the tv, dvd player and a pricey camera equipment untouched, but only a computer seems missing.

His neighbours had reported the burglary on Thursday. About 20 policemen visited the house on Friday with his relatives.

Now the question is, who has done this and what were they searching for. Hmmm.. the mystery deepens and the plot thickens. Robbery can be totally ruled out as the motive for the intrusion can be clearly seen. What were they after?... and did they get what they came for.? This mystery is really ripe for a good novel or even a Hollywood movie . it has all the ingredients , action, murder, robbery , duress, politics, big guns, disappearance , Interpol. I bet it would be a blockbuster…..cheers

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