Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Malaysia today and a few blogs report an interesting article yesterday.

(please understand, that these are only rumors and I have yet to see any hard evidence)

1) the chemistry department appointed to analysis the semen sample on the anwar’s sodomy case has been successfully completed. The only problem was they allegedly used the 1998 dna profile of anwar to fabricate the evidence. And those idiots taught they had an air tight case, and it was alleged that some $25,000 dropped from the sky because of this break through and everybody at the lab had a jolly good time partying with the winfall.

After partying and celebrating then some wise joker suddenly pulled a bombshell. He was asking if this evidence was edited by any independent expert from the outside, will it hold up?.

The answer is of cause no. because technology is such that, they can carbon date anything these days and pin point the date of any sample to within +/- 2 years. So everybody was worried, not because they got the wrong sample and the wrong date but, how to return the $25,000 they spent partying. Yes that’s a big headache for them.

Never to be outdone, they came up with plan B. get fresh dna from anwar and the headache will be gone and they need not pass the hat around to collect back the $25,000. so who is going to bell the cat?. Easy. Get the father in law, the son in law, the botak from johor, the son of the DR, the father and uncle of the sodomised guy to shout in the MSM, for anwar to give fresh sample. But the cat refused to be belled, and guess what they are back to square one.

Sometimes as a layman, I am also puzzled by this crazy calls for fresh samples?

DNA does not perish, be it taken today or 100 years ago. It remains the same, the only difference between today’s sample and the one taken 100 years ago will be the age factor of the dna. This in anwar’s case will a plus factor for him.

Another question that’s bugging me non stop is, why the father of the sodomised guy can see the police report, but the accused upto today has yet to see it? Why , why? Is it because the doctor who examined saiful concluded that sodomy never took place?

In RPK no holds barred report yesterday, rpk said the doctor was intimidated by police for three days trying to get the doctor to change the report. But he refused. If this is true, then my hats off to the doctor. Malaysia still has some hope and a few honest people around.

I was scanning the MSM today, but yet to see any reports about these yet. Can all these events be true?. Make up your own mind, you get no help from me…cheers

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Suggestion: wikipedia, google, carbon dating,Occam's( Ockham's) Razor.