Monday, July 28, 2008


Remember in my previous article, I mentioned a doctor who examined saiful has said that saiful was not sodomised. And he was allegedly detained by the police for 3 days to make him to change the report.

Well now according to RPK Malaysia today, the doctor has disappeared with his family. The brave doctors name is DR Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid from the Hospital Pusrawi.

And RPK has even published the medical report (see below). All though the hand writing of the doctor is difficult to read but what the report says is there is no evidence of sodomy. Diagnosis: TRO anus means “To Rule Out “ sodomy.

Can you imagine, with this out, why are the police still wanting to arrest Anwar? Until today they have not given him the police report and strangely they have not even charged him for anything. Why are all these clowns chasing their tails when there is no case?. It is a mystery. Can you imagine the manpower and resources they wasted on this case. Its all tax payers money down the drain.

On another note, Anwar may be standing in the kulim-bandar seat parliamentary by elections soon. This very much depends on the court case brought on by UMNO candidate Abdul Aziz. The leaders in DAP and Pas has given anwar the green light and have pledge to support him 100% . this is good news, as this will be anwars ladder to finally return to parliament and then to form the new government on Sep 16. Hopefully no more new scandals erupt to derail his efforts again.

But this bolehland, anything is possible, so l am keeping my fingers and toes crossed…cheers.


Anonymous said...

TRO is short for To Rule Out.

In other words this doctor has not made a definite conclusion yet.
Which is why he has referred the patient onwards to GHKL.
Anal trauma, like DNA are corroborative evidence of varying strengths.
The strength of these clinical findings on these clinical notes are about as strong as the evidence of grasping at straws as a characteristic trait of peoples in a particular situation.

Zahar said...


NOT To Rule Out ANUS.

Seems a trait among supporters for their mind to wander to bodily parts unknown. No worries, a slip of the tongue as they say, is a slip of the mind.

Everyone makes mistakes. I do it all the time myself. :(

Besides, has anyone checked whether there is actually a Doctor by this name employed at the hospital? He might be, I don't know I haven't checked.

The double stamp of the name and the hospital at the bottom of the second page of the report seems to be in different inks, but since it is from RPK, we should all believe everything he says without question, right? :)

-naga- said...

Aaah I can sense the sarcasm on both the above comments.

1) Anonymous, To Rule Out is a definite conclusion alright. TRO doesn't mean Maybe Sodomised, Maybe bleefing etc right? And Saiful was referred to another doctor coz he complained of anal pain, even though this doctor's check-up proved otherwise. So he was asked to get another opinion.

2)Zahar, yea I have no idea how to find out if there is a doctor by this name. But regarding the ink, well this is just my hunch though, the one with the doctor's name is actually the original stamp on the original document, simply because no one could have stamped it other than the doctor himself or his assistant. Then, RPK's deep throat at the hospital (maybe?) obtains a photocopy of the report and realises that the initial stamp is not clear, so then the informer stamps it again. But this time, he doesn't use the doctor's stamp, simply because he might not have access to it, but uses the general stamp for the hospital i.e. the one used by low-comers or night shift doctors?

As for believing RPK, I rather trust RPK than Anwar himself, simply because RPK doesn't have a political motive, and he writes to simply tell the truth. On the other hand Anwar or any other politician for that matter, they all have motives and only time will reveal their true colour.

Sampah said...

The double stamp of the name and the hospital at the bottom of the second page of the report seems to be in different inks, but since it is from RPK, we should all believe everything he says without question, right? :)

How true you are!
The two stamps should have identical inks.
Even more so when the stamps were made of those thingy that don't stamp pad ink..

How could they miss the obvious??