Wednesday, June 11, 2008


When it come to record keeping, none can beat the British! Be it the private sector or the public sector, records of every detail are kept in such detail that noting is ever destroyed.

It just mind blogging how even the royal household of England is not spared. The story goes, in 1651 king Charles II had commissioned the “Clothiers company in Worcester (central England) “, to make uniforms for his troops. Apparently the kings accountant then failed to pay the bill of 453pounds and 15 pence (RM 3000).

It seems the members of the “Clothiers company in Worcester” have a long memory.

Their meticulous bookkeeping always indicated this debit account in their account books all this while (357 yrs ) .

Finally the modern day Prince Charles of England , paid a visit to the company headquarters, recently, and handed over the money to the manager of the Clothiers company, who accepted it and gave the future King of England a receipt.

Finally the accountants at this Clothiers company can sleep in peace knowing that after almost 357 years the can now balance their books!

A thought just passed me by. If only our record keepers were this detailed and meticulous in keeping our records, we would not have lost Pulau Batu Putih!. Anyway I suppose the British being such good record keepers, I believe that they might have some details of Pulau Batu putih in their archives which will prove our claims. May our government do a search with them and the truth be told !.......cheers.

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