Monday, June 30, 2008


Have you heard of the term physiological warfare. Its been flying around of late in our boleh land.

Everything from mp’s doing the katak dance to sabah threats of no vote of confidence to RPK’s sd is all can be loosely termed as the battle of the minds, played by power brokers.

So coming back to the topic “ what has Hitler got to with anwar?”. Physical, well noting, but physiologically , ah! That’s where its get interesting!. Remember the the two ‘Z’ symbol, the swastika!. It’s a dreaded symbol.

Just paint this symbol in a jews neighborhood, and the reaction will be disastrous. Just a mere symbol can bring back memories of untold misery and death and hardship. The psychological damage which was done in world war 11 has cemented the memories of death and extinction on the jews, world over, you cannot erase that memory no matter how many generations. So a little symbol of the swastika spooks even the modern day jews.

Now the word sodomy is anwar’s swastika!. Imagine the mental agony and misery he went through during the 1998!. Physically your body will forget the pains that it went through during that hardtimes. But you brain and your memory never lets you forget.

His enemies are well versed in this art of “physiological warfare “. How else to spook a target that seems untouchable. Yes play with his mind. That’s whats happening, and no matter how strong one can be, using the swastika method can put a strain on a man.

So lets assume , a plan was set up and all the pawns were inplace just before the elections. Then when the time is right you call for checkmate, bring out your poison pawn and make a police report, knowing fully well that the this will create a storm and divert all Malaysians away from the current issues. And guess what, that whats happening now! Everything else seems secondary now.

Latest news is Anwar has gone into hiding , allegedly from a death threat!. You see no matter how strong you are , even if you are hundred percent innocent , your mind just lets you down, because of the “swastika sodomy” ! so anwar needs time to recover from this latest smear campaign, let his mind come to terms first, only then he can fight back.

In the mean time I hope all those close to him will give their undivided loyalty and bring back the men , that we know as the DSAI……cheers.

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