Saturday, June 7, 2008



The spiral of fuel hike to other commodities have already started in Malaysia. With the transport company’s transport fare increase of 35% , you can expect everything from your underwear to your new house to be affected.

Our southern neighbours are already feeling the tremors of the hike and have already started complaining.

Singapore gets 46% of its vegetables from Malaysia. 25% of fresh fish comes from Malaysia. So are many other basic food items that are brought from Malaysia.

Housewifes can seen in the wet markets complaining and grumbling on how thinks are so expensive. You don’t get pay increase, but everything goes up. So eating out is going to be more expensive, as hawkers and restaurants who depend on Malaysia for fresh food are also not going to absorb this hike in prices and as always we the people in the streets bare the full force of a decision taken some 300KM away!

Well the authorities in singapore are already looking for alternative sources for vegetables, fruits and fish. And one of the sources identified is Vietnam .

I don’t see how this is going to help, as this country is so far away and cost of bringing thinks from there will be so much more then Malaysia. Anyway leave it to the experts as the government of Singapore is said to hire the best brains in the world and pay them worldclass salaries!..cheers!

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