Sunday, June 29, 2008


Within a span of 2 weeks things have started boiling again in Malaysian politics!

When you are at ground level you see the puzzles in bits and pieces. Lets leave the ground and move up a few levels to have a birds eye view of whats happening.

Sabah, Sarawak threatening to pull out of BN

Rpk’s statutory declaration

Anwar’s new sodomy allegation

If you notice carefully, each event was let loose a week apart. Whats the purpose?

I would say to create disinformation and confusion. As majority of Malaysians tend to believe what is said in the MSM, internet, radio and sms, you keep the rumor mill going and distract people from the actual or more important events.

You see the fuel price increase has done a lot of damage and everybody was up in arms screaming their heads off. But with the timed and calculated release of this true or fabricated events, has successfully diverted all out thoughts to something else.

Nobody is talking about price increase anymore, as we have new juicy stories to talk about. Nobody is pressing PM to step down anymore (except for one DR that I know of).

You see we are like sheep going a stray. We follow the lead sheep. Were he goes all will follow. Look at the papers, blogs, emails and the rest of information media. Everybody talks of the latest sensations . take a look at all the blogs and msm, its all about anwar and his sodomy allegation.

Where are the voices that cry out for lowering prices?...none to be heard anymore

Where are the voices that cry for PM to step down? .. none to be heard anymore.

The masterminds of this disinformation have successfully diverted our focus to their trap and we have let ourselves to be diverted.

BN has successfully diverted its shortcomings and the rakyat are on a wild goose chase.

My hope is you and I can keep the focus on creating a better Malaysia for every one of us and steer our energies and time to this event. Lets not be sidetracked into the games people play for self preservation. Lets continue to speak up against policies and laws which are harmful to the rakyat, and continue to pressure the government to correct all the flaws in the system, namely the judiciary, corruption, police, aca, civil service and cronyism.

So keep an eye on the macro and disregard the micro. And let not the masters of disinformation pull the wool over your eyes……cheers!

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