Friday, June 6, 2008


But instead you hantam then try to brainwash? How can-lah.

Dear PM, you and the rest of the cabinet should be awarded the “world most idiotic fame award for 2008!”.

You say something and do something else?. No the parliament is not being dissolved, but the very next day its gone. No I’m not getting married, then you get married. No we will not increase the fuel rate now, but the very next day you increased it.

Is the cabinet working or planning or are you guys just coming out with policies on the fly?. In my line of work we call this realtime kinematic. We update our data on the fly in realtime . but that’s my work. How can you put the rakyat through this mess.

How can you change something on the fly?. This is our livelihood you are fooling with.

You sit in a cabinet meeting for a few hours and come out with a policy that will change the life’s of millions for the worse. Is this how a proper government elected by the rakyat ,looks after the very rakyat they swore to protect?. You cannot play with our life’s like these. Its not masak-masak?.

If only you could be this efficient in doing things in areas that really matters. Abolishing corruption if done at this speed , would have saved you that RM50 billion in a matter of months!!!.

Bring all the crooks to book at this lightning speed, roll out effective policy and stop government wastage at this speed and see how much you save?. Why let the rakyat suffer at you own expanse?. why why why????.

Ok ,you say ,it is easy to criticise. Why don’t you give some constructive ideas instead?

Ok , this what I would have done if I was the PM of Malaysia.

Lets just talk on the fuel increase policy,( because otherwise the first thing I would do is sack the whole cabinet! ).

Ok, how I would have handle the fuel hike policy, (assuming we need one)

Yes the world fuel price is indeed high and no government in the world is rich enough to subsidise it forever, (except the middle east countries).

So the first thing I would do is educate the rakyat. Yes educate! You control all the msm, why not use it to educate the masses. Day in day out talk to the people, tell them the actual situation( no spins). Everyday for the next two months bombard them with hard facts ( yes it is called brainwashing).

Then bring in high profile consultants and air it on your RTM, talk about the problems of fuel, day in day out……more brainwashing.

Then on the third month scrap the roadtax…. Give them something to be happy. Then on the forth month , more brainwashing. Then introduce a campaign where you encourage all road users to use alternative fuel!... give a 80% discount to vehicle owners to have their vehicle fitted with CNG. Yes brainwash again, CNG is safe, and eco-friendly ran the campaign for another month.

Then on the sixth month you increase the fuel to market level, and give out move handouts, like no import duties for all cars and the best of all reduce the toll by 50%.

Who will protest if you do it may way???

There you go MR PM!.... you first brainwash then hantam!!!!.

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