Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was reading this story and was touched. Especially a kind deed, by a Singaporean is something special.

The average Singaporeans are sometimes called RUSHian (Russians). Because just like the people in NEW YORK, they are always in the rush for something or the other.

No time for anything, only”ME” syndrome, I call it.

But in this rat race world sometimes you find a piece of gem.

Mrs susan xu who is in her 50’s spends $80 to $200 a day feeding general workers near her flat. And she been doing this for the past eight months.

AT a time of rising food prices, with households making every cent count, a strange event is happening at a Bedok North HDB estate….reports a local newspaper(newpaper).

Nearly every day at about 3pm a mini-feast takes place. The 'guests' are a veritable United Nations gathering of foreign workers who do upgrading work in the estate.

Snatches of Tamil, Mandarin, Thai, Bengali and English fill the air as the men tuck in.

Their 'host' is a chatty Singaporean housewife living in the estate, known to them only as 'Aunty'.

Speaking in Mandarin, some Malay and halting English, she asks genially after their families and work.

She provides the workers with free food and drinks during their half-hour afternoon break.

This has gone on almost every day for the past eight months - even as food prices have been creeping up - and word has reached families in far away China and India.

Playing down her good deed, she said in Mandarin: 'It's nothing much.

'I see them working so hard, so I just buy a little something for them.'

Mrs Xu, who is not sure how much she has spent in total, said: 'In life, we can't always be so calculative.

'I always tell the workers I'll buy until my money runs out; when I'm out of money, there'll be no more free food and drinks.'

Bangladeshi Mahabulalan Abdul Rahim, 36, said: 'When we do corridor upgrading, some residents will give us drinks or food too, but this 'Aunty' gives every day.

'We've asked her, 'What if next time you have no money left? Who will take care of you?' No one can say anything. It's her money.'

Mr Lin Xiao Nie, 36, a metal worker from China, said: 'Mrs Xu is an exception in Singapore. She doesn't look down on workers like us. We'll remember 'Aunty' in our hearts even after we leave. 'he said it makes her heart happy.

Aunty its people like you who makes life worth leaving! You generosity will be remembered. God bless you maam!

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