Thursday, June 19, 2008


It is said the greatest spin doctors of this world are “Economist”

They can confidently predict the world markets situations for the next day, bring out fact and figures. But the very next day, if their prediction fails to materialize , by God they will have a very sensible answer why it did happen, again with facts and figures.

Don’t believe me?. Just listen to the business news for a day or two, and see what I mean.

Now coming to politicians. This is a whole different ball game altogether . they can ran circles around those talented economist, I say. They can spin the spin to spin even spinner then a gyro can…..whatever that means. I have yet to come across a politician who walks the talk. Rather they talk and you end up with the walk. Politicians are so sweet tooth that they even can sell ice cubes to Eskimos it said.

Writing this article a joke comes to my mind about out the infamous former works minister “ semi value”:

In a ceramah in a kampong with the kampong folks, he proudly announced that a multi-million $ bridge would be built for the poor kampong folks to ease their burden.

An attentive villager said, Dato, seni mana ada sungei mau bikin jabatan?

Not loose out our minister said:

Ok-lah , jangan takut-lah Pa Cik, tidak ada sungei, , kita bikin satu sungei dulu , lepas it bikin jabatan-lah, tadak susah. ????.....see the politician in action.

Anyway coming back from our tangent, you heard what out politician cum MD, DR M had to say about our Judge Chin’s accusation. After spending a week searching for 22 years of files stock pile, he came out finding noting to recall the incident.

Apparently all the 22yrs in power he attended only one judges conference….. please remember what I said about politicians. And being the angel he is , he only talked about high insurance premiums and huge sums of $ awarded by judges in America for malpractice.

Now lets look at judges. They work in the court of law. “ I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, noting but the truth , so help me GOD”! … I rest my case!

It can’t get any clearer then this…cheers

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