Sunday, June 22, 2008


The anti corruption agency director general Ahmad Said made a remark, that rang bells in my head!

Speaking to bernama news he remarked thus:

"The offence of corruption does not have an expiry period."

This is a mother of all statements and the implications is as far as east is from west!!!

In our country many people make power packed statements like this. But as in all things there are two rules. One for the rich and powerful. And one for you and me.

The credibility of our ACA has a long reputation of being ineffective. Many cases opened, but how many are actually successful in bring the culprits to the books?. I doubt anyone has done a statistics study on this.

How many politicians who are corrupt to the core , have ever been successfully prosecuted?. Always no prove. Where did all that money come from? They have mind boggling properties, shares, fancy cars, and wealth that cannot be explained. Yet there is no prove.

I have a vey simple mind. For me, to calculate a persons wealth, should be based on his income. Be it his salary or business profits. That’s his wealth. How much he can purchase with it should be the bottom line. Anything more then that has to be accounted for. So if that cannot be explained, then follow the money trail and you will definitely find some thing. I see no difficulty in that.

But with our country, you have unseen hands meddling. So be it the ACA or the police they are, I believe held down by a very very tight leash, any tom, dick, harry out in the streets will tell that.

So for the ACA or the police to make statements for the sake of making them carries very little weight!

Can we believe them? Just see some of the statements made:

"As a law enforcement agency, we conduct investigation without fear or favour,"

“We are not pressured or receive instruction from anyone to open the investigation papers.”

I would like to believe all this is true. But your actions are not where you mouth is!

So readers, one good thing said by our ACA is this:

"The offence of corruption does not have an expiry period."

You can carry this to the bank. Because if we cannot clean up corruption today or tomorrow , but if ten years down the road with a proper government, we can take action against those so called untouchables, based on that one statement alone. …. cheers

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