Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Like dancing on a hot tin roof, prime ministers these days are having a tough job!

Not only is our prime minister is being bombed daily with shouts of “step down”, “step down”, our northern neighbors, the Thai’s have also joined the bandwagon in asking their prime minister to step down!

cnn made this report:

Despite winning a string of government concessions, hundreds continued to protest on the streets of Thailand Monday, some calling for the country's prime minister to resign.

The protests have moved into a second week heightening political tensions and birthing rumors of a possible coup.

The around-the-clock protests in Bangkok are headed by a group called the People's Alliance for Democracy, (PAD).

The group is protesting a proposed change to Thailand's constitution which would protect former Prime Minister Thaksin.

The agency quoted Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Surapong Suebwonglee Monday about the rumors of a coup in the country.

"I admit the political disturbances in the past week has undermined confidence in the country's economy. However, all parties still believe the incident will neither turn violent nor lead to a coup," he said.

Current Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej issued a televised warning Saturday to protesters threatening to bring police to get them off the street. Hundreds of riot police could be seen near the protests this weekend.

On Sunday, the prime minister reversed his stance stating that he would not use force to end the protests, according to a government statement.

For some this was seen as a concession that weakened the position of the prime minister.

So what else is new?...

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