Friday, June 6, 2008



Mr Hamid bought a bamboo shoot from a food stall earlier in the day and because it looked particularly succulent he thought he would slice it up and serve it as a special meal for his customers.

All I know is that I was about to cut into the shoot when something stopped me. I had a careful look at the shoot and that's when I saw the face and heard the children's voices outside when there were no children there.

The face has two distinctive eyes - one closed, the other open - a nose and a mouth with a sad downward expression.

'What has added to this whole strange thing is that my aunt, who lives next door also heard the same children's voices,' said Mr Hamid, who lives on the island of Penang.

'They weren't my children because my wife and my three kids are away visiting relatives in another part.'

Shaken by what he believed was a visit from another world which implanted the face of a child on the bamboo shoot, Mr Hamid decided not to go ahead and use it among the ingredients for dinner that evening.

'I'm not going to cook the shoot now. I'm going to hold on to it. Perhaps it will bring me good luck.'

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