Monday, June 16, 2008



The day he was released from jail he found himself homeless ,no family to return to.

With just $28 in his pocket, he spent the first night out of jail, alone on the streets and sleeping on a pavement. Mr wong aged 66 was jailed for 4 months for threatening his ex-girl friend son (28yrs) with a knife.

His own family have long abundant him almost 18yrs ago. Whose fault was it? His own by his admission. His children came to him once, and tried to reconcile with me, but he refused and they left. That was 18 yrs ago, said mr wong with eyes brimming with tears.

He said last Christmas he managed to find out where his daughter works , but could not muster the courage to meet her. He left avoice mail instead, but was never replied.

He has since moved on, with help from a half way house and now works as a taxi driver and earns about S$1500 a month.

He said his only regret was that he disappeared from his children lives and left them hurt and in tears.

Im not asking them to forgive me or acknowledge me as their father, I just hope to see them and say sorry. This is my only wish.

Sometimes when l read stories like these I am but lost . who do we blame for this misadventure. An old man seeking forgiveness after abandoning his family at the time when he is most needed. Then coming back after all these years to say sorry?.

It is indeed a difficult question to answer…. It can be said that you reap what you sow. Yes true indeed, If I was his child would I forgive him? Too difficult to answer, for the burden of the yoke is only known to the bearer…..cheers

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