Friday, June 13, 2008


The way our government runs this country, these days gives me the creeps!

It makes my spine hairs stand and I get so worked up that I feel my blood pressure hitting the roof.

50 years they have been in power and yet these idiots have learnt zero!

They are totally detached from the ground sentiments and know not the heart beats of the rakyat.

I am mesmerized by their chauvinist and complacency attitude when it comes to dishing policies.

Out of the blues they pluck out policies from GOD knows where and shaft it down our throat and expect us to swallow it without any complains. They have no idea whats going on and like DR quacks provide solutions that they them think will help, but instead makes a mass of things.

Just take a look at their latest so called solution to help the struggling rakyat. They come up with a scheme to pay the civil servants in two installments, instead of the normal payday at the end of the month.

Now tell me how is this going to help us?.

Did they consult the civil servants and get their views ?

Did they consult the trade unions of this new policy?

Did they give enough notice for the change?

I can ask 101 questions and all the answers will be a BIG NO!!!!

Downright stupid I say. You are not a government of the people, you are a dictator!

The basic philosophy in any management is “CONSULTATION”. You idiots. Don’t think anything you cook up by the ½ past six cabinet of yours is good for us.

If a person is sick, he goes to the doctor. The doctor talks to the patient and gives a complete check up and then gives the medicine. But you guys give the medicine without any investigation and hope for the best. It doesn’t matter if the patient dies in the process…what incompetence is this.

Hey badawi our country is a democracy, you cannot shaft what ever you like down our throats. This new policy of yours is not only stupid but will do more harm then good.

Please hire some real professionals, and plan properly. Think in terms of five ,ten, twenty years head when you come out with policies, and don’t fuel-nap us, like your recent escapade with fuel hike. WAKE UP LAH!


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