Thursday, June 5, 2008


I was reading this story, and was sadden by the way a good person was killed by the very person you try to help. Hope she finds peace in her final resting place.


SHE was a Buddhist nun who adopted orphans and raised them like her own children.

One of her adopted daughters and the girl's boyfriend, both 17, repeatedly hit the nun on the head with an iron rod then strangled with a nylon rope and murdered her.

The teenage girl was unhappy with the nun because she was a strict parent who disapproved of her relationship with her boyfriend. She told the police that nun would filter phone calls from her friends and disallowed her from turning on her handphone in the nunnery.

She said she thought that she would only be free if the nun died.

The girl told the police that she had snuck her boyfriend into the nunnery on Saturday night. Early next morning they killed her.

They took NT$60,000 ($2,700) from the nun and took a cab to a hotel near Hualien train station.

The next afternoon, they went bowling.

They then decided to flee to Pingtung. A friend helped them buy a motorcycle with the money they stole and they headed south on it.

They reportedly thought that they would be fine if they could elude the law for 10 years.

But the motorcycle broke down and they were forced to stop in the town of Fenglin to have it checked by a mechanic.

It was there that the police, who had been following signals from their handphones, tracked them down. ….newpaper

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