Saturday, June 28, 2008


Times are really hard these days! What with fuel, food, and what not going up and up, there never seems to be any good news for us the workers!. Everything going up but not our pay. So what do we do?, yes the only thing that we as fixed waged earners is to cut unnecessary spending and divert our limited resources to more urgent and important needs.

But does it help when employers also start trimming corners to maximize their profitability, and end up eating into our pay packet?. In an absurd factory in the much so called first world country of England, that’s whats happening. Read on…

LONDON (Reuters) - A meat company “Brown Brothers” has been forcing its employees to clock-off every time they want to go to the toilet, and clock-in when they return. And the time spent in the toilet was deducted from their pay? … times must be really hard for this company!

The workers trade union has objected, saying :

"It's outrageous that in 2008 workers should have to endure the indignity of clocking out for toilet breaks as well as other practices which we believe invade their privacy."

"Brown Brothers have refused to change its policy, but the union is demanding that Tesco the UK's largest retailer ensures decent employment standards within its supply chain."

"The workers at Brown Brothers are essentially having their pay stopped for going to the toilet. Tesco must do everything in its power to investigate these practices and put an end to them."

Nobody was immediately available for comment from Brown Brothers.

Hey, I just got a brainstorm. The idea may not be that bad afterall. May the BN government implement this plus also coffee breaks and all other breaks on all its civil servants, starting at the cabinet level!. clock out- clock-in on every break!

Work productivity may improve, with less cost to the public! Pls tell me, should I email this sleeping Buddha?...cheers

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