Thursday, June 12, 2008


Prince Jefri, 53(younger brother of sultan of Brunei), a father of 17 with four wives, is said to have swapped his notoriously decadent lifestyle of vulgarly named yachts and gold-plated lavatory brushes for a fugitive existence. He was accused by his brother(sultan of Brunei) of embezzling a fortune from the oil-rich state while finance minister.

Brunei has adopted a hard line, applying to the High Court in London to commit the prince to prison for contempt of court.

A PLAYBOY prince has gone on the run rather than face jail for refusing to hand over $6.2 billion of assets to the Sultanate of Brunei, ruled by his brother.

An English judge issued a warrant yesterday for the arrest of Prince Jefri, who failed to turn up for a five-day hearing for contempt of court.

The prince, whose main home is the imposing St John's Lodge in Regent's Park, London, appears to have put himself in exile rather than face prison.
Lawyers for the Sultan's Brunei Investment Agency will continue trying to seize his disputed fortune in a string of court cases around the world.

The judge issued a warrant that will result in England's ports and airports being put on alert to watch out for Prince Jefri. But lawyers doubt that the warrant could be extended beyond these shores. The prince had already exiled himself from Brunei in 2004.

Report from the australian

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