Tuesday, June 3, 2008


SORRY, NO FILLING UP HERE: Enforcement officials and a petrol station attendant in Kubang Pasu district, in Kedah, turning away the driver of a Thai-registered car travelling from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur yesterday. -- PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

After so much confusion on the fuel ban for Fuel Tourist at border towns, finally DTM Shahrir samad confirmed: Malaysia will ban sales of petrol to Singapore-registered cars in parts of southern Johor starting from next Monday.

With so many cooks saying this and that and spoiling the soup along the way, I hope they got their act right this time around.

Hey , then I had a brain storm!.....do I see a business opportunity here?..... can I make money …..there must be some lobang I can exploit!...

Then again, as in every thing else I am sure 100’s before me would have come with much better ideas on how to make money on this ban of fuel to fuel tourist.

Below I have listed some of the 101 ways it could be done and I hope those ensuring the success of this new law will read this and take preventive measures .

1) I will make new Malaysian car plates and change them before I go a petrol kiosk. In order this to successful, I will make the removal of my Singapore plates easy by constructing a sliding system, where I just slide out one number plate and replace it with another in a deserted lorong…will take less the 1 min.

2) I can start a small business. Just buy a small lorry and install a big petrol tank behind the lorry and pump it full with petrol and setup an illegal mobile petrol kiosk. Of cause I have to play cat and mouse game with the authorities , but as always duit kopi will come in handy….got to remember to include that in my budget.

3) I have many friends in jb. Why not get them to fill up their car and later transfer the fuel to my Singapore register car? It will only cost me a small hand pump, for the transfer…..oh..oh.. another business idea…remember to buy all hand pumps in jb , I could make a killing here just selling them at the causeway….

4) Come in to the petrol kiosk very early in the morning , around 4 am, where most people are a sleep(hopefully the officer sleeps too) and do a quikie!..i am sure the pump attendants will cooperate, just a small duit kopi will work. But this will work only lets say 2 to 3 weeks down the road, as they say new broom sweeps clean, and 3 weeks down the road people will get bored and you could sneak in.

5) You could always kopi duit the officer, but at your own risk…better do this during off peak hours, when no one is watching.

6) Buy an old Malaysian car dirt cheap and use it to fill up and later transfer to my brand new bmw….remember to invest in a second hand car dealership …we can sell this idea to Singaporeans and make a killing! They can keep their cars at our lot …free parking included!

7) I cannot think of any other methods, but if you have pls leave a comment in the comment box, and we can compile it and print a book call FUEL FILLING FOR DUMMIES…..and make money from copyrights!.....cheers

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