Saturday, June 14, 2008


International lifestyle ( a global affairs magazine), which ranks the worlds top most liveable cities, has ranked Singapore as number 22 a drop of 5 ranks from last year survey.

Last year Singapore was ranked 17 an achievement trumpeted by local media and politicians.

No reason was given for the drop, but the survey however, goes beyond housing costs and schools to include the possibility of getting a good glass of wine at 1am, the quality of new architecture and the ease of setting up a business.

Readers and industry experts suggested that one factor could be the rising costs of living.

Denmark's Copenhagen took top spot, up from second place last year. It knocked off Germany's Munich, the top city last year, to second place. Tokyo, Japan’s capital, took third place.

Japanese cities Fukuoka and Kyoto took 17th and 20th places respectively, the only other Asian cities in the list.

My my this does not happen at all to Singapore heads are going to roll!

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