Monday, June 2, 2008


many countries come june will celebrate children's day. but for these children who fight for their life's everyday, whats another celebration to them? if only i had a magic wand to change all these and bring peace to the world!.....a dream i am afraid, will only stay a dream!

Maoist rebel girls rest during training in Nepal. Under a 2006 peace agreement, parties were committed not to use or enlist children in the military but Maoist recruitment of children continues.

A young militia fighter hands over bullets at a UN disarmament point in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. An estimated 7,000 child soldiers remain in government forces and armed groups in the region.

A Fatah al-Islam member poses with a rifle in Northern Lebanon. A Syrian faction of the extremist group has been blamed for several bombings in Beirut.

A young rebel fighter mans a large-caliber machine gun on the Chad-Sudan border. UNICEF estimates that there are 250,000 child soldiers worldwide.

Shan State Army soldiers in Lashio are members of Burma's largest rebel group. The Shan have been engaged in a guerilla war of independence since a military junta took power in 1962.

A young Chadian army soldier is photographed in Am Timan. Despite the government's pledge to demobolize hundreds of child soldiers, an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 remain in the country's armed forces and groups.

A young Palestinian member of Fatah al-Islam trains with a weapon at Nahr al-Bared refugee camp, Lebanon. Fatah al-Islam is a militant Sunni Islamist group with reported ties to Al-Qaeda

Teenage fighters from the Justice and Equality Movement arm themselves in the Sudan as their leader, Khalil Ibrahim, met with representatives of the United Nations-African Union Special Envoys for Darfur.

Young Tamil Tiger rebels stand guard in eastern Sri Lanka. UNICEF has repeatedly issued statements accusing the military organization of forcibly recruiting soldiers.

A young female fighter with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia stands guard in Los Pozos. The Marxist rebel group has been fighting to overthrow the Colombian government for forty years.

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