Friday, June 27, 2008


Something was out of the ordinary today. After a high power supreme council meeting today our DPM said something today that can mean anything from a to z to so many people!
when asked by reporter if he would contest the party's top post in december, he gave a shocker.
instead of the usual he will standby our sleeping buddha, he said " i will make a decision when the time comes".

did you see that phase " i will make a decision"
looks like our DPM has lost his patiences and moving his gear up one notch. this maybe the signal his supporters are waiting for to start the take over.

PM as usual will be still building castles in the air about his chances come december, and the carpet may just be swept of his feet will he is still waking up from his slumber.

things have got a little hot after the infamous RPK sd made a dent on the DMP and mrs. i'm just wondering why still no defamation suit? maybe because of this our DPM may have decided to shoot for the moon, before it comes tumbling down.

there is talk in the ground that a possible tie up with muhyiddin and dpm to challenge PM. but don't rule out razaleigh and anwar in the equation. at the rate things are moving don't be surprise, when you wake up tomorrow, we have a new government and a new PM.

so sleep easy and wait for the germany and spain results first on sunday, then on monday we will see what new developments will come out of our DPM brave new statement! " i will make a decision"

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