Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Singapore being one of the most modern city states in the world, one would expect everything is nice and dandy.

Unfortunately Singapore is not a welfare state, and the government strictly enforces this rule, where it does not give handouts . Although there are many avenues where one can approach the government agencies for help, if you are in want, but unfortunately there the few who are still seen just lost for want of help.

I was having breakfast this morning with my daughter in one of the most busiest place in Singapore , at ang mo kio hub, and I saw this man sleeping on the five footway. Passerby’s just side stepped him and just buat bodoh.

I was thinking should I do something?. But what?. I guess like most of us, we just cannot handle the situation and not get involved. Does he need help?, what if I woke him up and asked him if he needs help? And instead , he scolds you or worse still punches you in the face for spoiling his sleep!

So to be a good Samaritan also has its drawbacks. So the least I could do is let the professional handle it. So I just took a photo and sent it to a local newspaper hopping that they would investigate and do something.

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