Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was reading the Sunday new paper today and read about this story of a jobless man who won a toto prize of S$390,000 (RM 800,000).

That’s a large sum for me. I can think of a million things I would do if I had that good fortune ….but only in my dreams!

But these guy blows it all up in six months and now has only S$200 in his bank account!

This mr chew was in the red when he was retrenched last year after 10yrs in the job.

Lady luck smiled at him and he struck it big when he won $383,945.

The ecstatic chew went from retrenched to high flier!

100,000 spent on family and relatives.

10,000 on holiday in Thailand

120,000 only in eating?

The only wise move he did was to settle his house loan of 78,000

The balance went on more betting- horse racing and soccer.

Well as they say ease come ease go!

On a personal note, this story reminds me of my company driver.

Back in 1995, this driver of mine Ibrahim was quite trustworthy and worked hard and overall a nice guy. But unknown to me he had some finance problems.

So one day, I had no time to go to the bank, so I asked him to cash my pay check.

It was a cash check, and guess what, he cashed my pay check and disappeared. I was upset, and thought that was the end of my money!

But two weeks later he calls me to apologise and said he be coming down to the office to return my money.

Not only he returned my money but he gave me and extra $500 for the trouble and took me out for makan and a night out in a dandut joint as well.

Questioned on his new found wealth, well he won $100,000 in toto as well. So he was OKB! (orang kaya baru) And at the dandut joint he was dishing out 50 dollar notes to the girls like there was no tomorrow! My my I was think being rich makes you very popular faster then you can say the “cat ate my pumpkin!”.

But as the case go’s with most OKB, he blew all he gained in only 3 weeks! And he was chasing all those new friends of his that he gave money , to try to get it back. But you and I know, if you have money, the whole world will want to be your friend.

But if you have none, then it is “ sorry I do not know you!”… or something like that.

So moral of the story, keep some for the rainy days, as this world only recognizes the haves but not the have nots! ..cheers

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