Monday, June 9, 2008


The killing of a high profile Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, is noting new.

But in this particular case, it was done remotely.

Some ten days ago, a remote control pilot sitting in his base outside Las vegas, spotted the target thousands of miles away in southern Afghanistan.

By remote control, the put a Reaper Drone (a remote control strike plane), in the air, from its afghan base , just minutes after spotting the target.

The drone was guided via satellite link by RAF 'pilots' sitting 7,000 miles away, and was guide to the intended target, and fired lethal rockets and killed the high value Taliban target.

The attack marks a symbolic watershed in Britain's use of military airpower.

Sources at the Ministry of Defence said the strike, which took place in the last ten days, killed a 'high value' Taliban target, but officials would not confirm the insurgent's identity.

One senior insider said: 'It is a slightly strange existence for these remote control pilots.'They are intimately involved in the war in Afghanistan, but at the end of their shift they drive out of their base in Nevada, go home and live a normal life.'

So parents of gameboy and video arcade games children, who are worried about their addicted children, do not despair. The technology is now so advanced that the current generation of video addicts will have gainful employment in future!

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