Sunday, June 29, 2008


one bitten twice shy , so said the wise men of the east! so how to bring down two birds with one stone? divert, disinform then destroy. will we fall into this well traveled road again? will the infamous mattress be walking into the courts again. anyway the rpk saga has dropped from the top ten charts to 2nd rank and the brand new single to jump to top will no doubt be:


and the drama minggu ini has one famous actor none other anwar , and an unknown, the up and coming drop out a one Saiful bukhari azlan (photo). a 23 yr old who could not make the grade and turned up as a PA to anwar.
the plot and the story seems to be cut and paste from a former story in 1998. will it be box office hit, well hold on to your hats and lets watch as the story unfolds. desperate times need desperate measures. best defense is offense . so anwar please fast forward your sep 16 dateline, as the people you playing with have no shame and will do anything...cheers


Letting the time pass me by said...

I am not sure what is happening in this country? It is really confusing and there is really a mysterious things about this sodomy thing.....

Justin Choo said...

What I like to comment is this so-called sodomy law which I know nuts about. I think this law was enacted by the British to serve their puritanical Victorian "virtues" which were a dismal display of Western hypocracy. In my personal opinion, what I do in my sex life in my private capacity is no business of others.
In this case, one may say that the other party is an unwilling partner, if the allegation is true.

I think there is much behind the scene, and also the real motive of this police report.