Thursday, June 19, 2008


Bravo you guys! I wish I had thought of this idea first!!!.

Our neighbors the Indonesians, have come up with a brilliant idea to fight corruption.

Indonesia: report from the Australian:

The country's top law officer, Attorney-General Hendarman Supandji, was forced onto the back foot yesterday, denying on television a claim he was aware of a plot by his staff to protect a prominent businesswoman accused of bribing a senior prosecutor.

The businesswoman, Artalyta Suryani, is now on trial in the national corruption court over a payment of $US660,000 ($700,000) that she made to a senior prosecutor, Urip Tri Gunawan, in May.

A series of recorded telephone conversations she had with several officials in Mr Supandji's office, as well as with Mr Gunawan, appear to make clear the money was in return for the dropping of a bank fraud investigation.

Under the Indonesian Government's multi-pronged anti-corruption drive, Ms Artalyta is now being tried not on evidence collected by the often ineffective prosecutor's office, but by the stand-alone Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in the national corruption court.

Attorney-General Mr Supandji said yesterday he had ordered his officers to arrest Ms Artalyta immediately after learning of Mr Gunawan's arrest in a sting operation orchestrated by the KPK, but that when they arrived at her house in South Jakarta, there was nothing they could do because KPK officers had already seized her.

The issue has become especially live because one of the recorded conversations, between Ms Artalyta and a senior prosecutor, details a plan to have prosecutors "arrest" her in order to protect her from the KPK investigation. The suggestion was that prosecutors would be able to guarantee that any case against her failed.

Judges have also heard a recording of a conversation Ms Artalyta had with another prosecutor, Kemas Yahya Rahman, in which she praised him for taking the original decision to drop the bank fraud case.

"So my job's finished, right," the prosecutor can be heard saying. "It's clear, right, it's understood. There isn't any problem any more."

Since being played in the court, this recording has reportedly been converted into a mobile phone ringtone that is being used by anti-corruption campaigners across the country.

I am thinking can we make the Lingam “ correct correct correct “ into and ACA national ring tone and make it to be the only official ringtone allowed to be used by all police officers and ACA officers!!! … at the least it will keep them on their toes…..cheers

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