Monday, June 9, 2008


According to mastercard worldwide research, Singapore took the 4th place as the key center of commerce.

Yes I was looking for my beloved country(Malaysia) on the ranks list, but to my dismay it was not stated! Either its way of the list or could not be calculated ,going by the mess that BN has created.

In asia Singapore is ranked 2nd only after Tokyo! And hong kong stands 6th in the world ranking.

The study ranks the top 75 centres of commerce by comparing how they perform critical functions that connect markets around the world. According to the study, Singapore shines as a financial hub for its ease in doing business, economic stability, as well as legal and political framework.

The study also showed Asia and Eastern Europe's growing importance in the business world, with eight Asian cities in the top 25 list.

Shanghai jumped eight notches to number 24 from its 32nd spot a year ago.

London was number one in the global ranking, followed by New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Chicago. - CNA/vm

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