Friday, June 6, 2008



With so many protest and demonstration in south east asia, the Singapore government which has been spared of all these problems, is watching closely with keen interest.

Less this troubling times spills over to the city state. In one of the their latest move to reduce the burden rising cost, the land transport authority(LTA) has announced that it is reducing the road tax for vehicles.

A heft 15% cut in the roadtax rate is in the pipeline starting next month.

Woo… that good news for me. I pay about S$1300 roat tax per year for my 2000cc car.

So a saving of almost S$200 .

Now if only they reduce the income tax or totally scrap it, since we are paying GST of 7% on all purchase!... that will further help us to stretch our dollar.

But most people in Singapore are always weary when ever the government gives out goodies, because revenue loss for the government must always be compensated by increasing something else …what that will be , we have to wait and see.

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