Monday, June 16, 2008


As in everything our moronic government dishes out in terms of policy changes, one factor remains constant.

That it’s a knee jerk solution to a problem. No proper planning, consultation, or even well thought of.

Say today and tomorrow we have new policy. Now we have some small tremors that squeaking out of our 2nd finance minister Yakcop about fuel card plans.

If going by the way our knee jerk solutions are implemented, I suggest to all motorist please make a bee line to the nearest post office and get you $625 rebate ASAP!

Tomorrow there may not be any rebate- policy change again, flip flop again.. my GOD what else is new?

Our trade minister had the balls to say , the present cash rebate system was not the perfect long-term solution, judging from the crowds of people rushing to collect their rebates. “Surely there can be a better system of dispensing subsidy to vehicle owners,” he told The Star. And mind you he is a minister, who sleeping Buddha put incharge of trade.

I feel sorry for traders and consumers.

Why the hell implement a policy that’s not perfect.

Our ministers are political appointees not intellectuals ! that the bottom line. These idiots do not know the difference between macro and micro economic policies. In laymen’s term penny wise pound foolish!

What we need is not politicians, because end of the day they only think of their survival and how to get re-elected in five years time! We need statesman , these are people who think for the survival of the next generation!....yes that’s whats lacking in our country! Too many politicians.,, that’s the godemn problem!

Now I just cannot wait for the next policy change that the fuel card will bring and two days later some idiotic minister will say that its still not perfect and another policy will be up. When will it stop?. Sorry guys , as I said politicians are not economist or intellectuals and thus be prepared for roller coaster rides .

A simple solution as a men in the streets is this.

Put more money in the hands of the rakyat, not by giving cash but by the following way:

a) Remove all taxes: i.e. remove income tax, road tax, car tax, land tax, property tax.

b) Remove all toll charges

c) Improve the transport system

d) Make education 100% free up to university levels.

This alone will increase the net disposable income of all rakyat with immediate effect. Spending power will increase, economy will improve and this will improve the moral of the people.

Then you can stop the fuel subsidy! No body will angry. And while you at it you can also stop the allowance paid to ministers who take free holidays with our hard earn money!...what nonsense is this. I cannot even bring my family out for holiday, and all these useless ministers with five figure salaries going for holidays with their families on our account! If these ministers are value for money, and good at what they do, then I don’t mind. But it’s the case of giving flowers to monkeys!

Please do the right thing, and come out with good, sound and wholesome policies, but then again how can I ask the blind to drive? So friends put on your seat belts and be prepared for the ride of your life, or at least till sep 16!.....cheers

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